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Corporate Financial Solutions

Business owners and executives have unique financial needs, and those needs go far beyond setting up a corporate retirement plan. Some business owners are too busy running their businesses to worry about preparing for events that can drastically affect the business, such as a disability or death of an owner or a key business executive.

The transition or sale of a business is usually one of the largest financial and emotional transactions a business owner will ever experience. Many privately held business owners have the majority of their wealth trapped in their companies and are unsure how to convert this into a liquid, usable asset for their future, long-term needs. For this to have a successful result, it is wise to seek the support and guidance that a highly qualified and experienced corporate financial planner can bring to the table.

The Corporate Financial Solutions team at Krietzberg Wealth Management is led by David Krietzberg, CFP®, MBA, CEBC®, has earned the Certified Business Exit Consultant® Designation and is a member of the exclusive Business Intelligence Institute at Lincoln Financial Advisors. Lincoln, a “Fortune 500” Company, has hand-picked its top 100 Advisors out of 4,000 nationwide to train and support them with resources to help their corporate clients solve complex problems.

If you are a business owner or key executive, the Corporate Financial Solutions team at Krietzberg Wealth Management can help you navigate through many complex corporate financial issues.