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Corporate Retirement Plans

If you’re a company owner or business manager, we’ll work closely with you to create and oversee your corporate retirement plans, which can include 401(k) Plans, profit sharing plans, and pension plans. 


Our approach includes a fund selection process to ensure that funds are the appropriate share class, and to objectively and proactively replace funds when needed.


All fees are transparent to both the plan trustees and the plan participants, and we make sure that your plan is as cost effective and competitively priced as possible.

Employee Education

We conduct Employee Education meetings to help your employees make important investment decisions, but also helps to lower a trustee’s fiduciary liability.

Service/Plan Design

We create a customized service plan to show our commitment to you and your employees. Also, we make sure that your plan is designed with current objectives and cash flow in mind, and that it is priced well.

Fiduciary Exposure

We help to identify the plan sponsor’s fiduciary liability, and take steps to minimize the exposure of personal liability of the trustees.

Let us Analyze your Company 401(k)