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Investment Management

Smart investing starts with a goal, not with an amount.

The highly qualified and experienced Investment Team at Krietzberg Wealth Management, led by Curtis Krietzberg, CFA, MBA, Principal of the firm and Director of Investments, will create your personalized investment plan that will dictate your investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax efficiency, liquidity needs and unique concerns or portfolio restrictions.

We manage your portfolio according to our investment philosophy, which includes these four elements:

Asset Allocation

This is the primary driver of risk and potential performance and is the mix between cash, bonds and stocks.

Tax Efficiency

We strive to make your portfolio as tax-efficient as possible by managing it based on your specific tax situation.

Security Selection

When it comes to selecting investments to be placed in your portfolio, our Investment Committee researches not only risk and reward characteristics of each investment, but also how each security interacts with the rest of the portfolio.

Active and Passive

Investing For each asset class, we decide to utilize active fund managers (managers that try to outperform their respective benchmark) or passive fund managers (managers that maintain very close performance to that of the benchmark for very low cost). We think there is a place in your portfolio for both styles, and we move between styles as we think appropriate.

*Investment management on select accounts.