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What Matters Most

Our Mission

It is our responsibility to not only guide our clients on their path to the future, but also to educate our clients so they are fully capable of making informed and confident financial decisions.

Our Values

We believe in…

  • The stewardship of wealth and our fiduciary duty to always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.
  • Transparency and clear communications, as it is our obligation to ensure our clients have a complete understanding of their financial situation.
  • Objectivity, as it is our responsibility to always provide prudent solutions for our clients.
  • Hard-work and a commitment to our own education to make sure that we are always in a position to best serve our clients.

*To the extent that we are providing you with investment advisory services, including either financial planning services or ongoing investment advice as part of an LFA investment advisory program (i.e., fee-based managed account) pursuant to a written agreement and related disclosures that describes this investment advisory relationship, we are acting in a fiduciary capacity related to those services under the federal securities laws, in particular the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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